My week in mountains…

Sat by the Ganges under clear skies (finally!) back in the warm sun I am writing from Rishikesh, home of yoga and all things new age. My last few weeks however have been spent chattering my teeth up India’s breathtaking mountains, in both McLeod Ganj and Manali. Here’s the view as I saw it, with further write ups to follow…

McLeod GanjHimachal Pradesh, 1770m

Home of the exiled Dali Lama a bumpy 12 hours ride from Delhi, McLeod Ganj is a peaceful Tibetan enclave nestled next to the Dhauladhar mountain range.

Room with a view


Afternoon stroll


High street…


Day Trek to Triund, 2895m, with complimentary dog spirit guides..

Being reasonably fit I thought this day trek of 20k would be a doddle. Ha, not so when it’s all uphill and starts to snow! Luckily I had some furry friends to give me a nudge of encouragement along the way.

Halfway up


Keeping watch




Back at ground level under pink sky


ManaliHimachal Pradesh, 2050m

Mountains, fast flowing rivers, pine trees and hot springs. A true natural beauty had mostly to myself, as temperatures dipped sending most in search of beaches.

Mountain roads


Exploring by bike


The Beas River


India’s premier winter wonderland…


Going higher


Next on the bucket list, Nepal….

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