Three Wheel Wisdom: Messages from Sri Lanka’s Tuk Tuks

Brash, loud, colorful and usually a crazy old ride, the tuk tuk is synonymous with the Indian subcontinent and Asia. Sri Lanka was no exception and having ridden a in a few, less well put together versions in India, they weren’t exactly a new novelty; that is until I looked closer and started to see […]

Operation Cycle Lanka: Days 10 – 14 – A Lucky Star and Bianca’s final journey…

We’ve all heard the phrase killing with kindness. Well, on awaking in Ella at my-o-so cute guesthouse the appropriate term was killing with breakfast. My hosts, a lovely family running fledgling Lucky Star really had gone all out preparing enough food to feed me for the whole day. Unfortunately I’ve never been one to leave […]

Operation Cycle Lanka: Days 6-10 – Breakdowns, Cabbages and Horizontal Mega Hills

Dambulla – Kandy, 72km Mean dog count: 1/2 Breakdowns (emotionally and functionally): 3 Hills: 47 Hoping not to see any more X rated monkeys I set off for the big one, 72km from Dambulla to Hill country capital Kandy. The ride started well until I encountered my first hill, and then another, making the first […]

Operation Cycle Lanka: Days 4-6 – Buddhas, drop snakes and the most indecent thing I’ve ever seen…

Habanara – Giritale 38km Mean Dog Count: 1 Docile Dog Count: 57 Following on from ‘Dog Gate’ I was a little apprehensive on leaving Habanara for the 38km to Giritale, just outside of Polonnaruwa. Setting off at 8am (and not before) to avoid the wild elephants which I had been warned were “Very fast! Very […]

Operation Cycle Lanka – Day 1-3: Downpours, Respectable Pants and Woeful Map Reading

I set off on Monday morning all excited with my Disney panniers in tow. I’ve never been one for packing light so having all my worldly belongings for a few weeks in two small children’s satchels was in itself a small victory. The train ride to Anuradhapura was a pleasant one and I hung out […]

Incredible India : A Roundup of 2013

As 2014 draws near it’s a good time to share the highlights of my last two incredible months in India. I’ve only been away a week yet I’m already dreaming of returning for more highs, lows, chaos, cows and breathtaking beauty. I’m not totally through with India though: there will be a few posts to […]

Girls Gone East

Following on from a lonely couple of days in Jodhpur where I befriended a man selling ribbon for interaction that went beyond; ‘which country, what is your good name and are you married’ I was very much looking forward to my friend Karens arrival; for a two whole weeks! Patois I had started to develop […]

Rajasthan in Pictures

Tearing myself away from mountains, biking and the Nutella banana pancake strip, I travelled to Rajasthan for a week of seeing stuff. From camel riding in the desert city of Jaisalmer to temples in pushy Pushkar, this is what I saw. Stop 1 – Jaisalmer, Sandcastle city I took my first overnight train to Jaisalmer, […]