My Obsession with the Golden Rock

Bold, gold and gravity defying, the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, or the Golden Rock as it is more colloquially known perches atop a lofty mountain covered in jungle in Mon state, Myanmar. The stuff of legends, the rock balances defying  gravity owing to a single strand of Buddhas hair interned within the pagoda. The story goes that […]

Inle Special: Burmese Fish Curry with Ginger Salad

‘Darling, lets go for a burmese tonight shall we?’ Not something I have found myself saying before, and oh what a shame! Diverse as it’s people, Burmese cuisine is an utter delight.  A melting pot of soups, salads and scrumptious curries, first impressions led me to think Myanmar has taken the best from its bordering […]

Canberra. What a Lovely Place. (despite what everyone says)

Canberra. Public servants, Poli’s, Questacon. If you ask any Aussie outside of Canberra what there is to do here you will often be met with a vacant stare whilst the mind searches for a distant memory of some school trip to Parliament, or maybe, more excitingly Questacon, home of the vertical slide (which many Canberrans […]