Moving on out: The best from BOC and the Melbourne Dream House

Before I’d even landed in Melbourne my residence at Back of Chapel was sealed by Gen, former resident of four months and good friend from home, though I was somewhat resistant to the idea having just about enough of my share of dorm snorers and 1am bag rustlers across Asia.

“Oh you’ll love it” she assured me, “I loved it so much I stayed four months!”

But I thought she had gone soft in the head. There was no way I would be sharing a bedroom for four months with no wardrobe or early morning access to a hair dryer. I thought I was far too old and as someone who used to get miffed if a few dirty cups were left in my London flat, I’d surly go insane.

No, I would stay a few weeks to get on my feet, then find a house share and live like a real person.

Well that was three months ago and oh how wrong I was.

Now I know it’s cringe, (I do, really) and I usually hate reading these kind of things but man, I’ve met some truly great people here! A big old Victorian fronted house the place had such a good feel to it and reminded me of my first year at university, which was one of my favourite years. And just like that year I hope I’ve made some lifelong friends who have not only made the first few months, but have made me realise a few things about myself and my former outlook.

‘Murica day decoration


So many mates!


The big learning point being, somewhat paradoxically, that I’m so much more happy, creative and ambitious when I’m not taking myself too seriously and worrying about where I’m going and the stations I should have reached. Which oddly were all the things that underpinned my resistance to hostel living. How can you hold down a decent job and live like a backpacker? Well, quite easily actually when you stop living in the what you ‘should’ be doing and start living in your present.

Now I may not always get 8 hours, frequent local bar Lucky Coq more times than Id care to admit and wear my unicorn onsie to bed every night, but professionally I’m thriving, loving my new job and setting goals for the future. All the things I thought I had to be serious and square about in order to achieve in the past.

And so as I prepare to move in to the dream house this Saturday with roomie and hostel bessie Molly, kiwi power duo Mel and Sophie and Nick (yes we’re dominating) I’ve defiantly learnt something of real value in the most unlikely place.

I’m going to live here!


New room. Really.


But I’m done with talking about myself. A picture tells a thousands words and I hope these ones sum up how awesome everyone has been and the fun we have had.

Here’s to lights on in the morning and making food in an oven. I hope the good times continue to roll!

Just another Friday night….



Much love in this place



Iced Jem buddy and joint custodian of Bowley, the red hostel bowl




Nb: The above picture depicts a real life Australian, with a real oven who has not resided at BOC.



And fellow Dorm 5 resident Guy (bottom bunk)


Just one last group shot…


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