Parasian: Postcards from Hanoi

I think I may have fallen in love.

With winding streets, french country style buildings, dainty singing birds, beautiful cafés and the best food I’ve had in months, Hanoi quite simply charmed the pants off me. As a capital city I was expecting more of the same as it’s corporate brother, Ho Chi Minh City, but my expectations couldn’t have been father from truth.

And with another ex pat stay with my friend Rhiannon I was in for a real treat of moped riding, pho eating and the best coffee ever.

Step inside the Old Quarter to see for yourself. I challenge you not to fall for Paris meets Asian crazy…




Singing birds. Ones with the sweetest songs can sell for upwards of $200


20140319-200157.jpgbr />

House numbers a la Paris



Stamps on the walls: handy man calling cards!


The view from Cafe Du Tri, coffee shop circa 1931



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