I’ll Be Seeing You…

Some things just call for a big massive drink. Such as goodbyes, especially when it’s to your best friend and you’re retreating to opposite sides of the WORLD. Yes for the last two weeks I have been lucky enough to have my best friend Fiona come join me in the islands of smiles and videoke, […]

Return to Blighty: A Weekend of Ex Pat Luxury

Yorkshire tea. Clean showers. A washing machine. All things I haven’t seen in the last few months, no wait, probably four months since I left the homeland. Though sad to be leaving the Philippines I was excited for my next destination and another rare luxury: being met by my friend Gemma and her boyfriend Lee […]

Winner of Miss Natural Beauty 2014 : El Nido in Pictures

If ever such a coveted prize was awarded the rightful winner would surely be the collection of limestone cliffs, turtle green lagoons and white sand beaches found off the coast of El Nido, Palawan. Untouched for what looks like thousands of years, I couldn’t think of a better personification of paradise if I tried. It […]

Journey to the Centre of the Earth…..Permit Permitting

Soaring above the Visayas I was ready for my next destination: the rural palm fringed island of Palawan. Bouncing out of the airport I’d reserved a bed at OMG House, as the name made me giggle and I thought anyone staying there must be a good laugh. Luckily my gut didn’t let me down this […]