Almost too intrepid: Cycling Gulimaras

When your first encounter of the day is a leather clad man who casually throws out that he’s killed a man, it makes you wonder whether you should really be taking a trip to a remote island to cycle on your own. Yes, that and the fact I’d watched a nasty documentary that morning on […]

In Search of Paradise and the Lonely Hearts Club

Hot footing it out of Sabang, sex tourist capital, before any more fluffy teddies and hearts lined restaurant tables (I could only imagine how that went down here) I went in search of a more acceptable version of paradise, on Boracay island in the Visayas. With textbook white sand and voted the worlds second best […]

Oh my Manila! The Start of Something Beautiful

Touching down in Manila after a very bumpy ride I was already lol’ing to myself from the super sweet announcement that told me to: ‘Sit back and relax as we dim the cabin lights to give you an awesome view of the city’ Collecting my bag and heading out I was greeted by two of […]

The Break Up: Moving on to Mr Manila

“Change your mindset, or change your situation” The only real options available to us when we’re not content with something, right? As my disconnection with Thailand trundled on in to it’s third week up in the hills of travel playground Pai, I began to wonder, why am I still here? I hadn’t done any great […]