Incredible India : A Roundup of 2013

As 2014 draws near it’s a good time to share the highlights of my last two incredible months in India. I’ve only been away a week yet I’m already dreaming of returning for more highs, lows, chaos, cows and breathtaking beauty.

I’m not totally through with India though: there will be a few posts to follow including a round up of my experiences travelling the country as a solo girl, a few of which may surprise you.

Until then Happy New Year! and here’s to an exciting 2014!

Delightful Delhi

I’m a strange type who loved Delhi. Streets alive with animal, vegetable mineral, everyone is hustling and I loved browsing its crazy streets and peddling around on the Delhi cycle tour. Twice.


Mountains and Mystics McLeod Ganj, Manali and Rishikesh

I’ve never been anywhere mountainous and seriously fell in love with this part of India. From the calmness of Tibetan sanctuary McLeod Ganj, soaring mountains of Manali and shanti shanti Rishikesh I did loads here and could have easily stayed a few more months.





Food glorious food!

Now I’m in Sri Lanka I realise how utterly spoilt I was in India where even a 10 rupee street snack could be the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth.




Mighty Rajasthan

Colours, forts, temples, markets, Rajasthan has it all. Though I found this the most challenging part of my trip, the pictures speak for themselves, see Rajasthan in Pictures . My highlights here were the desert city of Jaisalmer and (though not strictly speaking in Rajasthan!) the pearly Taj Mahal.






My final few weeks were spent travelling up and down Goa’s golden coastline washing the northern grime from my feet and meeting new and old friends. I even managed to catch a few fish too!


20131231-143706.jpgSo there it is. As I watched my final sunset outside Chennai airport en route to Sri Lanka I could help but feel filled with sadness, but I know I will return one day.

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