Rajasthan in Pictures

Tearing myself away from mountains, biking and the Nutella banana pancake strip, I travelled to Rajasthan for a week of seeing stuff. From camel riding in the desert city of Jaisalmer to temples in pushy Pushkar, this is what I saw.

Stop 1 – Jaisalmer, Sandcastle city

I took my first overnight train to Jaisalmer, braving it in Sleeper class. I’d heard a few horror stories but it wasn’t the passengers I had to be worried about…about six hours in I came down with a horrendous case of Delhis most famous export, and I thought the toilets at Glastonbury were bad! Still I arrived in one piece to these wonders..

Fortress walls
Dusty shoes
Butterscotch Haveli

Getting my ride on…

Getting my ride on

Stop 2 – Jodhpur, big bad and blue

Jodhpur, king of forts, maharaja mystery and extremely blue. Blue being the signature Brahmin colour of India’s highest caste. I stayed in a beautiful old haveli with strict instructions not to bring any meat in to the house, as “ghosts will come madam”. I asked whether it matters if it’s already in my stomach and apparently it doesn’t…

<img src="https://girlgoneeast.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/image7.jpg" alt="Mehrangarh Fort" width="760" height="1017"
No ghosts allowed
class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-164″ />
Living room for one...

Stop 3 – pushy Pushkar

I finished in Pushkar, a small holy town famous for having the only Brahmin temple in India. Again this was a place with some peculiar rules, no onions or garlic this time as they “make the genitals hot”. I found it difficult to get on with Pushkar, for a place supposed to be so sacred everyone wanted to sell me something! Though I did really enjoy a blessing by the lake where the priest wished away my bad karma and made offerings for future health, wealth and prosperity. He even said I’d come back with a husband but I’m dubious anyone could perform that one! Still, it was very calming and I couldn’t feel my tongue after for about four hours, blissed out on my new karmic vibes..

By sunset

5 thoughts on “Rajasthan in Pictures

  1. Stunning photos and loving your tales from afar. A month goes by here, same old same old, not so for you! Early Exit now on offer, so very tempting, one can dream….


    • Thank you. Rajasthan was truly magical and colourful, if not a bit crazy. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Years too! And Janet, live those dreams! It is better to dream whilst awake than whilst asleep….:-)


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