Special Desert Gobi

Heading out in to the desert on Rocket, the camel which I prayed didn’t live up to his namesake, I learnt a thing or two about off-road cooking as kitchen aid to Ramesh, self styled camel man. Here’s what we cooked up. If we could manage this under a tree I’m sure it’s well easy […]

The Dog, the River and the Mountains

Travelling from McLeod Ganj on a twelve hour local bus I felt like I had had about six journeys in one winding through mountains, rivers, rice paddies and towering cliffs. Eventful as ever I had been thoroughly entertained by a range of characters along the way including a few month old Tibetan baby who stared […]

The search for peace, enlightenment and the peanut butter chocolate mo mo…

Doubting I was actually going to get to McLeod Ganj following a cancelled bus, taxi and a near miss with a firework, I arrived in the early hours very damp and very cold. I knew I was up high as I hadn’t slept a wink with the winding road choosing instead to gaze out of […]

My week in mountains…

Sat by the Ganges under clear skies (finally!) back in the warm sun I am writing from Rishikesh, home of yoga and all things new age. My last few weeks however have been spent chattering my teeth up India’s breathtaking mountains, in both McLeod Ganj and Manali. Here’s the view as I saw it, with […]

My first Diwali

Thinking about Diwali the last thing I could recall from school was it being something about light, colour and the return of princess from a dark wood. Arriving to stay with Tushar and his lovely family for the festivities I discovered that I was on the right lines, kind of. Taking a stroll round the […]

After Delhi I fear the rest of the world may be a bit dull….

I arrived in Delhi after an eventful departure and so many tears anyone sat next to me must have thought I was going to war. I had long been imagining what may await me once I stepped out of airport, would I be totally unprepared? What if I was completely overwhelmed? Would I want to […]